Psalms 65

“Praise is rightfully yours, God, in Zion. Vows to you shall be fulfilled,

for you answer prayer. All humanity must come to you with its sinful deeds. Our faults overwhelm us, but you blot them out.

How blessed those whom you choose and invite to dwell in your courts.

We shall be filled with the good things of your house, of your holy temple.

You respond to us with the marvels of your saving justice, God our Saviour, hope of the whole wide world, even the distant islands.

Those that put their hope in El-shaddai are like mount zion that cannot be moved but abided forever.

By your strength you hold the mountains steady, being clothed in power, you calm the turmoil of the seas, the turmoil of their waves. The nations are in uproar, in panic those who live at the ends of the earth; your miracles bring shouts of joy to the gateways of morning and evening.

You visit the earth and make it fruitful, you fill it with riches; the river of God brims over with water, you provide the grain. To that end, you water its furrows abundantly, level its ridges, soften it with showers and bless its shoots.

You crown the year with your generosity, richness seeps from your tracks, the pastures of the desert grow moist, the hillsides are wrapped in joy, the meadows are covered with flocks, the valleys clothed with wheat; they shout and sing for joy.”

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