Rishi Sunak’s Out-of-Touch Wealth


Tories’ secret plot to privatise NHS.

2010 when the conservative party came into government, David Cameron told the people about a mysterious note left for them by the outgoing Labour government that stated there was no money left in the treasury.

But at that time, when you look at our health sector, it was healthy. You can walk into your GP practice and see a doctor, even without an appointment.

Our transportation and Logistics are all healthy.

We can easily find rural transportation networks to commune within our borough.

People at work do not have to depend on food banks. There are few or even no food banks at all in some communities.

So, the answer then was simple; You can see traces of our money within our sectors and institutions.

Irrespective of the fact that the 2009 economic crash affected the entire world.

We can see our sectors and institutions are in good shape.

We can see where our resources went.

After 13 years of deep austerity measures imposed on us by the Conservative party to save resources and conserve for the future,

our health sector is on its knees.

You need six months’ appointment to see a GP, and it is impossible to walk into any GP surgery to see a doctor.

People resort to managing their conditions personally, and many cannot afford private clinics.

Community transport networks, many of them scrapped.

People cannot afford their energy bills and must choose either to heat or to eat.

Our high streets turned deserted streets, replaced with gambling salons and food banks.

Average workers cannot afford their monthly bills or carter for their families.

Homelessness and poverty have become the norms.

After thirteen years of austerity, nothing recovered.

On the other hand, we got a sixty billion pothole of dept.

How could it be possible that savings were not accounted for; after thirteen years of conservation?

The answer is also simple, corruption.


The conservative party will generate problems in our institutions, then enact bogus contracts to fix the problem and fester their pockets from the contracts. 


An example of this type of corruption is evident in Brexit. The bogus contracts in the name of leaving the EU. The Covid-19 pandemic contracts, track, and trace etc.

The patriotism that Torie’s leaders understand is the money they will make out of the United Kingdom; how to plunder it.

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